Monday, March 26, 2012

bitz order update

So little update on new conversion parts i ordered for the battle company.  I ordered new bitz to suitably modify my 2 command squads (on-foot plasma squad & biker squad) to make them stand out more as veterans, additional rifles for all the tactical squads, my 4th tactical squad,  a pait of KP tracker dials, some blip tokens when playing Zone Mortalis games, a conversion kit to make my 3rd land raider (a prometheus in MK2B style) and the colored text are orders for others that wished to join my order placement.

March 18th:
Litko Games Order:
Casualty/Damage Token Dials (2) (Material: Translucent Red)
Reanimation Dials (2)
Scanner Blip Tokens (Color: Fluorescent Amber)
Ebay Order:
Forgeworld MK5 Heresy Armour (10 models)

March 20th:
Anvil Industry Order:
Pair of Medieval Pauldrons (4 Pairs)
Spartan Torso (3)
Praetorian Torso (1)
Fusion Backpack (medieval) (4)
Medieval Shield (1)
Spartan Shield (3)
Spartan Helmet with Crest attached (8)
Widow Maker Assault Rifle (18) 
Widow Maker Assault Rifle & Scope (5)
Widow Maker Assault Rifle & Grenade Launcher (5)
Widow Maker Assault Accessories: Drum Mag (6)
Battle Axes (5)

March 25th:
Chapterhouse Studios Order:
MK2B Conversion kit for Space Marine Land Raider
Conversion Beamer Weapon and Harness Kit

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