Monday, March 5, 2012

first of nine table tiles assembled

So i managed to finish building the first tile for my new modular 'hallways' table top.  so far it looks pretty good; at first i thought the somewhat sparse placement of details on the walls might not look too good, but once all the walls are placed on one 1'x1' tile, the amount of detail comes together nicely.

I was thinking of how i want them to be interlocking as well, and i have an idea, but I'm going to wait on it until the whole set is made, so that i can do them all at once.  I'm going to try and insert Popsicle sticks into the edge of the floor tiles, so that each side will have a stick on the left and an adjacent hole on the right, so that the sticks insert into a matching gap on another tile.  Since i want it modular so i can move and rotate tiles, it'll have to be a stick and hole on each side so that turning and rearranging the tiles wont become a problem.

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