Saturday, March 10, 2012

Greenman Designs templates arrived

This morning i recieved my shipment from Greenman Designs, so i'm gonna do a little product review of the items i purchased today.

Here's the kits i ordered:
[quick measure template]

[skull template set]

[space marine vehicle templates set 1]

[turn counter]

The color i chose to order mine in is fluorescent orange, which you can see has a very nice look to it.  when looked at from an angle, the cut edges 'glow' orange, just like the official Games Workshop ones do in green.  Being that orange is one of my favorite colors, i'm very pleased with that effect.

The fluorescent templates are also transparent, again, like the Games Workshop ones.  So they're just as easy to view what models are underneath them.

The markings for measurements and descriptions on the vehicle templates are very easy to read in person as well, so there's no mistaking what they're for.

The shipping was pretty quick and showed up in a reasonable time frame as well; They shipped the templates on Feb 19th, and they arrived some time on March 9th, so almost 3 weeks all in all.  Compared the usual wait times between 6-8 weeks, that was very fast.

Overall i'm very happy with the product and can't wait for a chance to use them in a game.  If you guys reading this like the templates too and would like to check out their online store, the link is on the right in my Link Picks section.

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