Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Link Review: My Battle Report

So today's review is about My Battle Report.

This site allows you to make an auto-updating signature banner that tells your win/tie/lose score, and gives you an overall percentage rating of how often you are victorious.

The Banner itself is pretty simple; here's the one for my Space Marine chapter, the Red Scorpions:

As you can see, it places a shield to the left showing what codex your army uses.  When you make a new army on the site, it will ask what codex your army is based off of. this will change the colors of the shield, and the scrolling text on the parchment overlapping the shield.  Then, it places your screen name, and the name of your faction, in this case Red Scorpions, into the top of the W/T/L box.

So now we've gone over the design, let's go over how it works.

As i said before, it automatically updates the banner to show your newest stats.  This is handy if you have multiple sites you log into that allow a signature, because you won't have to go to each one and update the text to your current battle score; My Battle Report will do that for you.

When you goto the main page where it displays your army banner(s), there's a button beside the banner that says "add a new battle."  Clicking this will open a window overtop of your banner asking for the following details:
Personal Details
  • Outcome (win lose tie)
  • Your Leader (HQ Choice)
Opponents Details
  • Real/User name
  • Opponents Army (dropdown list of codexs)
  • Opponents' Army Name
  • Opponents' Leader (HQ Choice)
Battle Details
  • Mission Type
  • Deployment Type
  • Total Points
  • Total Turns
  • Optional Link to a typed/video BatRep
  • Date the game was played
 After you enter all of this, it will auto-update the banner and all the signatures you have it pasted into, to reflect the new battle details.  and if anyone clicks on your banner, they have the option of seeing a list of all the games you've played, where it'll show all the information you've typed in a nicely laid out design.

If you like to keep track of your game results, then i really recommend this site for you.  it's very easy to use and it's nice having a detailed record of all the games you played somewhere other than in your head.  check em out in My Link Picks on the right of my blog! My Battle Report.

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