Sunday, March 4, 2012

Link Review; Greenman Designs

Today's post is a review on an online seller I've purchased from recently.  The company is called Greenman Designs, and they make custom laser cut templates.

These templates can be ordered in a variety of colors that come in four categories;
Transparent, Opaque (solid), Fluorescent, and Mirrored(reflective).

If you're already an owner of the green Games Workshop templates, which vary from flamer/blast templates, to wound and vehicle status markers, then the Fluorescent line of colors' 'Reactive Green' selection is the color you'd want to order these templates in if you're just planning to add to your collection.

Now, this company has some nice color choices, but that's not where the product line stops grabbing your attention.  They make the usual 3 piece template kits, but with variations on the design to further make your set look unique at your local gaming club. 

There's the basic set, which is fairly close to the style everyone is familiar with.
Then we have the Future, the Gears, and the Skull template sets as well; each one looking different from one another, and eye catching all at once.

I've purchased a set of the skull templates in fluorescent orange, and when they arrive, i'll post better shots of what they look like.

You can also order Quick Measure rulers that have different measurements on each of their sides for 6" assault moves, 2" cohesion, a 1"edge for your 2" deployment out of a vehicle (1" because 25mm bases are an inch themselves, so it becomes a 2" move when the ruler's between the model's base and the vehicle)

There's also a Sliding Blast Ruler that has a 5" blast marker with 3" blast markings etched into it as well, used to accurately measure the scatter distance of a blast template without the trouble of trying to handle a measuring tape and blast marker all at once and still point in the right angle of the scatter dice.

There's also a Counters/Tokens/Markers category, which contains wound counters cut into the shape of that faction's helmet/skull for eldar, orks, human skulls, necron heads, and tyranid skulls.  You can also request custom-cut tokens as well, starting at $1.50 a token. For those that field a Storm Raven, you can order a set of 4 Missile Tokens to keep track of the 4 one-shot missiles they field.  There's also Objective Markers, Vehicle Status Markers, and a 7 Turn Counter, which has a large number for the top of the turn, and a smaller adjacent number for the bottom of the turn.

Finally, there's the set of templates that got my attention originally and led me to purchase from this company in the first place; Vehicle Destroyed Templates.  There are cutouts made for every race that fields a vehicle that currently has an official model released for it.  These templates are intended to be placed down when a vehicle 'Explodes!', so that you have a suitable terrain piece to lay down to represent the terrain is now Difficult, but still have something that models can easily stand on without tipping over.  Anyone who's tried to use blast craters for this, knows all too well how easy it is to have your models fall over or be clustered too tightly for blast weapons to hit them because of this.

Here's an example of one from the Space Marine line:
This one's a Rhino template, which could be used also for any predators, or whirlwinds as well.  The template is a perfect outline of the vehicle, when looked at from a top-down view.

with this placed down when the vehicle has become an exploded wreck, your models can easily be dispersed without worry of them falling over.

All the individual vehicles have a template that has been cut to shape for them, which average at about $5 a template.

The most commonly seen vehicles are also available in a 4 piece combo kit, for $15.  The Space Marine one, for example, comes with 2 rhinos, a land raider, and a drop pod; $5 cheaper than buying the 4 separately.  The names of the combo kits currently available have been worded in such a way to suggest alternate combinations will be available in the future.

Overall, the selection of new templates, both in the types and their colors, and the possibility of even custom ordering your own design of tokens/markers for a far better pricing than most other similar sites give, makes this a site i'd recommend others check out for themselves and even purchase from.

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